Reading Award Schemes

purpose of our reading award schemes is to encourage students to read regularly and widen their reading choices by trying a range of different genres and authors.

Olympic Reading Award

Books for this scheme are selected from a wide range of genres such as fantasy, romance, sci-fi, mysteries etc. Students must read books from different genres for each award and log them on a record card, which is then verified by parents or a member of staff.

On completion of the award, students are asked to write a review of their favorite book, which can be used as a recommendation to other students via our book blog, and newsletter.  In assembly they are awarded a certificate and either a bronze, silver or gold star-shaped pin badge to wear on their tie.

Bronze Award – read 10 books

Silver Award – read 15 books

Gold Award  – read 20 books

Read Around The WorldPassport to Reading

In this reading award scheme, students are will travel “virtually” around world through the pages of a book, by reading stories from different countries and written by authors from across the globe. Students are issued with a reading passport, and are required to read 10 books set in different locations.

Click here to view our reading travel brochure Travel brochure

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