Home-School Agreement

The School will:

  • care for the safety, security and happiness of each student;
  • provide challenging and demanding courses and a wide range of educational opportunities, matched to the needs and abilities of each student;
  • listen and act upon the concerns of students and parents, and respond promptly;
  • aim to respond to communications and requests for information within two working days;
  • hold Parent Teacher Consultation Evenings and attempt to arrange appointments upon request;
  • keep parents informed about general school matters and welcome their active interest;
  • undertake regular assessments and provide reports on progress and achievements;
  • set and mark homework and sign the homework sections of the Student Planner regularly.

I, the Parent, will:

  • inform the school of any problems or concerns that may affect my child’s happiness, behaviour or work;
  • send my child to school regularly, punctually and properly equipped;
  • try to attend Parent Teacher Consultation Evenings;
  • support the school’s agreed published uniform regulations (including those on jewellery, shoes and hair style/colour)
  • support the school in upholding published rules and disciplinary sanctions;
  • support and encourage my child in homework tasks and sign the Student Planner weekly;
  • provide the school with an explanation if my child is absent from school by telephoning on the morning of the first absence and send in a written note upon his/her return.

I, the Student, will:

  • try to enjoy school, act in a mature way and try to make a positive contribution to help develop the school’s good reputation;
  • attend school regularly, on time, and in school dress (making sure that I keep to the school rules on jewellery, shoes and hair style/colour);
  • talk with my teacher and parent about any problems or concerns that may affect my behaviour or work;
  • complete all work, including homework (on time), to the best of my ability;
  • if absent, complete all work, including homework;
  • follow the Code of Conduct (including not trying to access inappropriate Internet sites) and generally behave in a way that will not endanger my fellow students or staff and look after all items of school equipment;
  • co-operate with all requests and instructions from teachers and behave sensibly and considerately in class so that I do not disrupt lessons but work with my fellow students;
  • arrive at lessons on time with all the necessary equipment;
  • support the Student Council in its efforts to improve school for myself, my fellow students and staff;
  • complete my Student Planner properly and get it signed every week.