Open Evening

An opportunity to meet our Headteacher, staff and pupils and


Academy/MAT Consultation

Consultation on plans for Litcham School to convert to an academy and to join the Synergy Multi‐Academy Trust

Consultation questions and responses


Currently Litcham School has an excellent admission procedure and inclusive support system for Looked After Children. Our experience is when children move onto other schools that they are not automatically given a priority place or given the high level of support they need, considering their additional vulnerabilities. We are concerned that nationally it is not unusual for children who need to move because they become Looked After to wait up to a year for a local school pace (TES, 2018). We are very concerned that the current admission criteria regarding Looked After Children should be implemented across the Synergy trust before Litcham become part of the trust.


Synergy Multi-Academy Trust have adopted the Local Authority Admissions arrangements. Therefore, there will be no change in the admissions process for Litcham School should we join the Trust. We will continue to work with the Virtual School to ensure that Looked After Children are placed quickly and with high quality support.



The second concern we have is that the excellent Music department should be preserved; this also includes the school production and end of year concert, which has been a highlight of both our children’s time at the school. We are concerned as there does not seem to be culture of Music being important at Reepham High School and College, who are not offering a Music or Drama A’ Level this year. As stated in the consultation document, the Trust have the ability to choose not to teach subjects, if the importance of Music became devalued by joining the trust we feel this would be a mistake.


In the Scheme of Delegation for Synergy Multi-Academy Trust, curriculum decisions are made by an individual school’s Local Governing Board. Litcham School will retain its own Local Governing Board and will remain fully committed to the Arts, including music. This commitment will be reflected in any Local Governing Board decisions in the future.