Ofsted and DfE reports

Ofsted Inspection – October 2015

Litcham School was last inspected in October 2015 and judged that we are a good school, with areas of outstanding practice.  This judgement is testimony to the hard work of our pupils, staff and governors and the fantastic support that we receive from parents.



The report highlights a number of significant strengths as follows:

Leadership and management is good:

  • “Leaders …..know the pupils and families well and are creating a culture where pupils can succeed and are well cared for.”
  • “The leadership of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs is highly effective.”
  • “Governors…… have a wide range of skills and expertise that is well used when developing links with staff at the school and ensuring pupils achieve their best.”

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good:

  • “The quality of teaching is good and sometimes better. Teachers provide effective learning opportunities and engage well with pupils.”
  • “The quality of teaching in science is exemplary.”
  • “Teachers work hard to provide pupils with appropriate written and verbal feedback…..Pupils are clear that the feedback they receive allows them to learn from their mistakes and develop their understanding.”
  • “Teachers use effective questioning to secure pupils’ understanding.”
  • “Teachers plan lessons that help pupils make good progress from their individual starting points.”

Personal development and welfare is outstanding:

  • “The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.”
  • “Care and support for pupils is outstanding.”
  • “Pupils say they feel safe and well cared for at school.”
  • “All forms of bullying, including cyber bullying are rare. Pupils said that on the very rare occasions when bullying does occur, it is swiftly and effectively dealt with.”

Behaviour is good:

  • “The behaviour of pupils is good.”
  • “Pupils throughout the school are polite and well mannered. They have good relationships with each other and with adults. This results in a positive climate in which to learn.”

Outcomes for pupils are good:

  • “Outcomes for pupils are now good and continue to improve.”
  • “Pupils make good progress.”
  • “The achievement of disadvantaged pupils is improving across the school because their progress and further support is meticulously tracked in all subjects. As a result, the progress of disadvantaged pupils is much higher than expected nationally by the end of Year 11.”

Early years provision has improved since the last inspection but still requires improvement. Whilst “children are happy and safe….they have settled well into school life…….they enjoy good friendships and get along well together and with adults” and “the large majority leave Reception generally achieving national expectations for their age in all areas of learning, so they are well prepared for Year 1 where their learning is accelerated”, we recognise that further work is still required. Ofsted have acknowledged this, stating that the school has “firm plans and actions in place to quickly develop the quality of provision for the youngest pupils in the school, so that it at least matches the best in the all-through school.”

You can view a copy of this report by clicking here: Litcham School 10005790 PDF Final