Physical Education

At Litcham School Primary Phase, children are encouraged to lead healthy and active lives and to participate in a broad range of physical activities. Although we aim to engage children in competitive sports and activities as much as we can, the focus is primarily on teamwork and the fun aspect of being physically active for sustained periods of time.

In KS1, we encourage children to master basic movements such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. KS1 children are also given opportunities to participate in team games and to apply basic movements in a range of activities both indoors and outdoors. We allow children to develop balance, agility and coordination and to perform dances using simple movement patterns.

In KS2, children are taught to use running, jumping, throwing and catching to play competitive games and to apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending. Children continue to develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance through activities such as athletics and gymnastics. They perform dances using a range of movement patterns and compare their performances with previous ones to demonstrate improvement.

All children have opportunities to learn how to swim competently (each class swims for an 8 week block every year) and, in upper KS2, they can take part in outdoor and adventurous activities, including orienteering.

We apply our dance skills to our after school activities and to our drama work.

We have led the way in our cluster of primary schools, in engaging in inter-school sporting activity. By developing our facilities we have established after school PE activities in the form of football, netball and badminton on three nights of the school week.