Modern Foreign Languages

Last academic year the study of a modern foreign language has become a statutory part of the new national curriculum at KS2. At Litcham School Primary Phase French has been taught consistently at KS2 since 2009, in accordance with Cluster policy and in line with requirements of Litcham School Secondary Phase. Consequently we have developed an excellent provision that meets the new Programme of Study requirements and, in some aspects, exceeds it.

Salient aspects of the MFL provision:

  • Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 have a weekly session of approximately 50 minutes.
  • Although MFL is not statutory at EYFS and KS1, we are implementing short sessions in which children learn through songs and games. During these sessions children acquire basic vocabulary and language learning skills that will set the foundation in which children can build further language learning at KS2.
  • Litcham School Secondary Phase is leading the way in the teaching of modern foreign languages, supporting other schools in the cluster, with assistance from the Primary Phase.