Secondary Phase

The move from primary to secondary education is a major step for any young person.  There are many more opportunities, new subjects and friends to be made.  There are also the challenges of moving to a much larger school and of leaving behind the intimate and secure primary environment.  We recognise this and work very closely with all the schools in the Litcham Learning Community and further afield, to ensure that the move into secondary education is an exciting and optimistic experience for all who join us.  Science and maths days in year 5 and three induction days towards the end of year 6 mean that Litcham School’s secondary site and staff are familiar to new students.  Many will also have attended other special events and days organised on the secondary site.

The site includes all the key features and facilities you would expect in a good secondary school.  All subjects are taught by specialist teachers and located in dedicated rooms. A broad and balanced curriculum emphasizes the crucial importance of literacy and numeracy, but also ensures that students acquire knowledge and skills in the sciences, foreign languages, humanities, expressive arts and design and technology.  An excellent library and ICT facilities support their study.

Physical education and sport are a very important part of the curriculum too.  Students are introduced to a wide range of sports and teams regularly compete against other schools.  Facilities include extensive playing fields and a superb dance studio.

The expressive arts – music, art and drama – are strong and offer students many and varied opportunities to perform. Visiting teachers provide specialist tuition in a wide range of instruments.
Your school has provided (our son) with the best possible education, a fact he himself recognises.” (Parent of a year 11 leaver).

Secondary site plan

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