School transport

The local authority provides transport for certain students who reside within the school’s catchment area.   This transport is free for students who:

  1. Attend their appropriate (catchment) school;
  2. Live more than the qualifying walking distance from school measured by the shortest available walking route.

The Norfolk qualifying walking distances are:

  • over 2 miles for students aged 7 or under
  • over 3 miles for students aged 8 or over

Further information is available on the Norfolk County Council website.

Discretionary travel scheme

The local authority does not provide transport for students who live outside the area of the Litcham Learning Community.

Parents of these students make their own arrangements for transport but it may be possible for them to make use of the local authority’s discretionary travel scheme.   This scheme is provided so that any spare seats on contracted school transport vehicles can be offered to students who are not entitled to free transport.    Further details of this scheme are available from the Transport Office at County Hall.   (Telephone 0844 8008003).

Most of our students travel to the school by bus or live within walking distance.  When secondary phase students cycle to and from school, the bicycle used should be in good condition for the road and have good lights.   A padlock should be provided and the bicycle locked on arrival at school.   A bike shed is available but the school cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to bicycle equipment.

It is strongly recommended that parents provide cyclists with a helmet, easily seen, light-coloured clothing and fluorescent bands.

Year 11 students who are legally entitled to ride a motor cycle, may only ride it to and from school if their parents have applied to the headteacher, in writing, on their behalf and received permission from him to do so.