School Term and Key Dates

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Litcham School Term Dates – 2018.19

Litcham School Term Dates – 2019.20

Primary Phase Key Dates


Tuesday        15th   Flu Vaccination catch-up day
Thursday     17th    KS1 Sports Hall Athletics (12 pupils) at Easton, 9.00am-1.30pm
Red Robins trip to Houghton Hall, 11.00am-3.00pm
Monday      21st      Guest Assembly – Rev Andrew King


Friday         8th      Valentine Disco 5.00-6.30pm in Primary Phase Hall
Friday        15th     School closes at 3.30pm for half term
Monday      25th    Return to school after half term breaK
Guest Assembly – Rev Andrew King


Friday        1st     Movie Night 4.30-6.30pm – tbc
Tuesday      5th     Parents evening, 3.40-6.00pm
Thursday      7th     Parents evening, 5.30-.30pm
Tuesday      28th    Height & Weight and Hearing & Vision NHS check for Red Robins


Monday       1st     Guest Assembly –Rev Andrew King
Friday          5th     Easter Hat Parade at 9.00am (no celebration assembly today)

School closes at 3.30pm for Easter Holidays.

Tuesday       23rd    Start of Sumer term

Tuesday        2nd     Group/Class photos AM
Monday       6th     School Closed Bank Holiday
Wednesday    8th     BAGS2SCHOOL recycling collection
Monday       13th    KS2 SATS week
Wednesday    22nd   New Reception Parent’s evening, 5.00 – 6.00p
Friday          24th    School closes at 3.30pm for half term

Monday       3rd     Return to school after half term
Monday       17th    Year 5 and 6 residential week
Wednesday    26th    Summer disco tbc
Thursday       27th    School Closed
Friday          28th    School Closed

Wednesday   10th    Year 6 leavers evening tbc
Sports day – tbc
Friday        12th    Year 6 leaver’s assembly
Monday      15th    Transition day
Wednesday  24th    School closes at 3.30pm for Summer holiday





Secondary Phase Key Dates



January 2019

Thursday        3rd          School re-opens
Thursday          17th       Governor’s Meeting
Friday               18th       IMPACT Day
Thursday          24th       Year 9 Options/Parents’ Evening
Thursday          31st       Year 10 Parents’ Evening

February 2019

Friday             15th               School closes at 3.30pm for Half Term
Monday           25th               School re-opens
Thursday          28th            Year 7 Parents’ Evening

March 2019

Thursday          7th         IMPACT Day
Wednesday       13th       School Production
Year 8/9 HPV Vaccinations
Thursday          14th       School Production
Local Governing Board Meeting
Friday               15th       School Production

April 2019

Friday               5th         Year 7 Chocolate Day
Friday              5th        School closes at 3.30pm for Easter

Tuesday          23rd      School re-opens
                                           Year 11 Group and Individual photos

May 2019

Thursday          9th         Local Governing Board Meeting
Friday              24th     School closes at 3.30pm for Half Term

June 2019

Monday                            3rd                     School re-opens
Tuesday            4th         Year 7 Induction Evening
Wednesday       5th         Year 7 Family Interviews
Thursday          6th         Year 7 Family Interviews
Friday               7th         Year 7 Family Interviews

Wednesday  26th    School closes at 3.30pm for long weekend

July 2019

Monday           1st        School re-opens
Wednesday       3rd         IMPACT Day
Thursday          4th         Summer Concert
Local Governing Board Meeting
Wednesday       10th       Sports Day
Wednesday       17th       Lower school disco

Wednesday24th            School closes at 3.30pm for Summer