School Term and Key Dates

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Litcham School Term Dates – 2018.19

Litcham School Term Dates – 2019.20

Primary Phase Key Dates


Autumn Term 2018

October           Wednesday    3rd        Guest Assembly – NSPCC

Monday          8th        NSPCC sponsored event this week

Tuesday           9th        Parents evening, 3.30 – 6.00pm

Book fair 3.30 – 6.00pm

Friends AGM – for primary and Secondary Phase @ 3.45pm at secondary phase site

Wednesday    10th      Red Robins trip to Village shop and church – PM

Thursday         11th      Parents evening, 6.00 – 8.00pm

Book Fair 6.00 – 8.00pm

Friday              12th      Visiting Author (Andy Briggs) – Year 6

Red Robins celebration “Brumble Bear’s Birthday” @ 2.30pm

Monday           15th      Guest Assembly – Rev Andrew King

Tuesday          16th      Adapted Sports event at Sportspark UEA (12 pupils) tbc

Wednesday     17th      NSPCC workshop for Years 5 and 6 – AM

Harvest Festival at Litcham Church, 2.00 – 3.25pm

Thursday         18th      Red Robins Harvest celebration with Child Care – PM

Online safety talk for parents, 2.30 – 3.15pm

Friday              19th      School closes at 3.25pm for half term

Monday          29th      School re-opens for second half of Autumn term

Wednesday       31st      Guest Assembly – Rev Heather Butcher



Thursday         1st       Cross County event for KS2 at Taverham Hall – tbc

Friday              2nd       Halloween Disco (Friends event) tbc

Monday           5th        Girls football event – tbc

Friday              9th        Golden Eagles and Oystercatchers trip to Norwich

Theatre Royal – AM

Wednesday    14th      Guest Assembly – Rev Heather Butcher

Monday          19th      Guest Assembly – Rev Andrew King

Wednesday    28th      Guest Assembly – Rev Heather Butcher



Monday           3rd        Flu vaccinations for Yrs R, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Small School swimming gala (KS2) during this week – tbc

Tuesday           4th        KS2 Carol Concert at Litcham Church @ 6.00pm

Wednesday    5th        Guest Assembly – Rev Heather Butcher

Nativity dress rehearsal – PM

Thursday         6th        Infant Nativity at 2.00pm and 6.00pm in Primary Phase Hall

Friday              7th        Friends Christmas Fayre – tbc

Monday           10th      Guest Assembly – Rev Andrew King

Tuesday          11th      Christingle at Litcham Church (Pupils only) – PM

Thursday         13th      Red Robins Christmas Celebration at Children’s Centre – PM

Friday              14th      School Christmas Lunch

Tuesday          18th      School closes at 3.25pm for Christmas holidays


Secondary Phase Key Dates

October 2018

Wednesday       3rd         Opening Evening 6:30pm

Tuesday            9th                      Friends AGM 3:45pm

Wednesday       10th                 Lower school disco

Friday               12th                 Andy Briggs Author Visit

Friday              19th      School Closes at 3.30pm for Half Term

Monday           29th      School re-opens


November 2018

Thursday          8th         Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Tuesday            13th       IMPACT Day

Thursday          15th       Local Governing Board Meeting


December 2018

Wednesday       12th                 Lower school disco

Thursday          13th       Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Tuesday          18th      School closes at 3.30pm for Christmas


January 2019

Thursday        3rd                     School re-opens

Thursday          17th       Governor’s Meeting

Friday               18th       IMPACT Day

Thursday          24th       Year 9 Options/Parents’ Evening

Thursday          31st       Year 10 Parents’ Evening


February 2019

Friday             15th               School closes at 3.30pm for Half Term

Monday           25th               School re-opens

Thursday          28th       Year 7 Parents’ Evening


March 2019

Thursday          7th         IMPACT Day

Wednesday       13th       School Production
Year 8/9 HPV Vaccinations

Thursday          14th       School Production
Local Governing Board Meeting

Friday               15th       School Production


April 2019

Friday               5th         Year 7 Chocolate Day

Friday              5th        School closes at 3.30pm for Easter

Tuesday          23rd      School re-opens
                                           Year 11 Group and Individual photos

May 2019

Thursday          9th         Local Governing Board Meeting

Friday              24th     School closes at 3.30pm for Half Term


June 2019

Monday                            3rd                     School re-opens

Tuesday            4th         Year 7 Induction Evening

Wednesday       5th         Year 7 Family Interviews

Thursday          6th         Year 7 Family Interviews

Friday               7th         Year 7 Family Interviews

Wednesday  26th    School closes at 3.30pm for long weekend


July 2019

Monday           1st        School re-opens

Wednesday       3rd         IMPACT Day

Thursday          4th         Summer Concert
Local Governing Board Meeting

Wednesday       10th       Sports Day

Wednesday       17th       Lower school disco

Wednesday24th            School closes at 3.30pm for Summer