Open Evening

An opportunity to meet our Headteacher, staff and pupils and


Our Expectations

We have these expectations to make Litcham a safe place to be and a great place to learn. They are the key to success for our students and the school as a whole, and are based on five central ideas:

At all times, students are expected to show common sense in their behaviour and to treat all others with consideration and courtesy.

In lessons, students are expected to show concentration and effort.

 Also, students are expected to …

Follow all adult instructions at the first time of asking
Expectations at the start of lessons

These are to ensure that your time is not wasted at the start of lessons.

· If waiting to enter a classroom, line up quietly and in single file.

· Arrive on time to lessons, with the correct equipment as listed in the school planner.

· Enter classrooms sensibly.

· Be ready to learn: get out your planner, pen, book and any other equipment needed.

· Start learning: look at the board, or listen to the teacher’s instructions, and begin work on the starter task.


Expectations during lessons

These are so that everyone has a chance to learn.

At all times try your best and unless asked to do otherwise…

·         Stay in your seat.

·         Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

·         Look at the teacher, without talking, when they’ve asked for your attention.

·         Put up your hand to ask a question or make a contribution to class discussions.



Expectations at the end of lessons

These are to ensure that you are able to review your learning and get to your next activity on time.

·         Wait to pack up until asked to do so.

·         When your teacher asks you to, stand behind your chair in silence.

·         Leave the room sensibly when you’ve been dismissed.


“Let the choices you make today be those that you can live with tomorrow”