Year 9 Options

Year 9 Parents’ Consultation & Options Information Evening - Thursday


Litcham Learning Community

The Litcham Learning Community is composed of Litcham school and the following primary schools:

Beeston Mileham Gt Dunham
Brisley Weasenham Harpley
Gt Massingham St Mary’s, Beetley

Litcham Children’s Centre is also a member of the Litcham Learning Community.

The Litcham Learning Community is a co-operative organisation in which the member schools work together for the benefit of all primary pupils and secondary students.   David Allen is our business manager.

Through Litcham Learning Community activities, primary school pupils have significant opportunities to get to know the high school, its staff and students.   Close working and transition arrangements ensure that all pupils are known to us as individuals when they join the high school.   We place a particular emphasis on curriculum continuity and progression to minimise the disruption to their learning.